The Snuggle Buddy® is perfect for today's stylish moms and their little ones. The go anywhere, super cute, loveable plush is sure to become baby's first best friend. It's both interactive and comforting with its fun character theme, luxurious blanket with satin trim, and rattle feature. But beware; babies can become attached and you may need a backup buddy! These favorites are made by Rashti & Rashti, a family owned company dedicated to bringing you fun and endearing baby products.

Don't be fooled by the imposters. Only products made by Rashti & Rashti can be called a Snuggle Buddy. For ten years, we have taken meticulous care to design, fabricate and create these beloved characters. Each one is made with quality and safety in mind.

New characters, plush fabrics and adorable details are constantly being developed. Which character is your favorite?

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